Some Harmful Effects of Soy & Bee-Pollen Feeding

What is Soy? What are its effects on humans and animals?
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  • Soy products contain protein inhibiting enzymes that restrains digestion and absorption of certain proteins in the digestive tract of honeybees.
  • Soy products contain toxic sugars e.g. Stachyose and Raffinose which are lethal to bees.
  • Feeding soy products to starving colonies encourage the queen to lay eggs but the brood will not reach maturity and will die in early ages due to adverse effects of protein inhibiting enzymes & toxic sugars in soy products.
  • Bee-collected pollens purchased from market are not sterilized and are contaminated with honeybee diseases and pests.
  • Feeding colonies with bee-collected pollens from market highly increases the chances of introducing all kinds of diseases and/or pests to the colonies.
  • Most bee-collected pollens on the market are low quality pollens which do not have any beneficial effect on the bees even if they are not contaminated.
  • Irradiation has adverse effect on the quality of pollens in terms of nutrients degradation and/or digestibility. Vitamins are the most radiation-sensitive nutrients.

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