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Feedbee is an alternative Feed/Diet for honeybees. Feedbee is comparable with high quality pollen. Feedbee contains 36.4% Protein, 3.9% Fat, 41.8% Carbohydrates, 10.0% naturally occurring Sugar, 3.1% Minerals.

Feedbee can be fed to honeybees mostly during shortage or absence of natural pollen & during single crop pollination.

Feedbee is fed to colonies mostly:

1- In the early spring when there is no natural pollen available for 6-8 weeks or at least 41 days before the first seasonal blossoming or flow of pollen. This feeding will enhance bee population much earlier than the first flow of pollen and nectar.
2- At the time of shortage/absence of good quality pollen. There is always shortage of good quality pollen, due to single crop pollutions or limited areas for foraging.
3- At least 6 weeks in the fall in order to get strong bees for over-wintering.
4- During or after any pollination.
5- At the time of inclement climatic conditions when bees cannot go out of their hives for normal foraging.
6- When plants are sprayed with pesticide. Most orchards or agricultural fields are sprayed with pesticides. To avoid toxication by foraging on contaminated flowers/pollen bees can be fed with Feedbee patty or liquid inside their hives.
7- During any losses of population due to toxins, diseases etc.
8- To prevent or cure Nosema infested colonies (before or after the disease outbreak). 
9- To prevent chalk brood disease.
10- To increase the general health of the colonies to withstand mites or any diseases.

Do not feed bees with any pollen or pollen substitute diets when:

1- The colony is already in cluster and ready for winter.
2- There is wax moth infestation in the hive.

Consumption Rate For Feedbee/Colony

An average colony consumes 400-500g per week. Consumption rate for Feedbee in powder form would be a bit higher than in patty & liquid forms.

Feeding Methods

Powder feeding:

Is done when the temperature is warm enough & it is not raining or windy, thus comfortable climatic conditions for bees to get out of their hives for normal foraging.  Powder feeding is done as following video and pictures.

Powder Feeding in Korca, Albania March 2010

Powder Feeding in Hungary

Patty Making Recipe:

1. Making sugar syrup: To make 1 litter of sugar syrup (50%) take 500g of crystal sugar (table sugar) and add ½ litter of warm water. Dissolve the sugar completely.
2. Add the sugar syrup to Feedbee powder and mix it thoroughly till a soft/smooth paste/patty is formed. It should not be runny or too hard. There should not be any clump in the paste/patty.
3. Leave the paste in the container over night (8 hours), then apply it on a piece of paper (wax paper) and place the patties on the top bars inside the hives. Please follow the instruction video below.

How to Make Patties Video

Liquid Making Recipe:

1. Add the sugar syrup to Feedbee powder and mix it thoroughly till a very loose liquid is formed. Leave the liquid mixture in the container over night (8 hours), and then pour it in a feeder for the amount of 400g-500g, inside the hives. . Please follow the instruction video below.

How to Make Patties Video


1. A few more or less ml of sugar syrup makes the patty/past thinner or thicker but has no effect on bees consumption. Thin or slushy patty/past stays moist longer than thick patty. 
2. Patty/past or Liquid diet mixture must be a thorough and uniform blend of Feedbee with sugar syrup in order to stay moist for longer time at least 7 days when placed inside the hives.  

How to Make Liquid Diet Video

Liquid Feeding in empty comb, outside the hive video

Powder feeding in cone shaped feeder/USA
Powder Feeding in flat tray/
Middle East

Slushy Patty on piece of newspaper on top bars/Kosovo
Firm Patty on top bars/Hungary

Liquid Feeding inside the hive using a feeder/New Zealand
Hive Liquid Feeder


Feedbee can be stored in powder form for 20 months in dry and cool place away from rodents, insects and direct sun. The production & expiry date are printed on the bags.  

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